Fruitful 7s Pokie Review

Fruitful 7s review by Steve Igmar January 23, 2019

When creating a review for a new pokie like Fruitful 7s, we take into consideration many things. Mainly we take note that the pokie has 21 pay lines as well as 5 game reels. This Classic Fruit set pokie displays its work in production with 7, bar, bell, watermelon and grapes, and then Fruitful 7s drives it through with plum, orange, lemon and cherry putting you right into it. Fruitful 7s offers you the choice of wagering for as small as $0.02 per spin. Going further you can also use all 21 lines to place a bet to the max of $10.5. A great big bonus of wagering with Fruitful 7s is that the wild symbol star allows you to connect winning combinations with any other symbols. This becomes great when you can have multiple winning combinations using the wild areas. Pokies such as Fruitful 7s, Stardust and Vegas Mania support the same pokie play.

Overall opinion on Fruitful 7s

I truly enjoyed reviewing Fruitful 7s, the Classic Fruit set game offers a great amount of detail that sets you into that state of mind with the 7, bar, bell, watermelon and grapes icons and graphics. All online games offer a great possibility of cashing out a large win but don't forget to withdraw while your ahead.

Fruitful 7s pokie Bonus Round Descriptions

While playing Fruitful 7s, you can do well with cash, to do this get a bonus round win! In All Online Pokies pokie write ups we like to end on the best aspect to focus on such as these great pokie bonuses. If you like big fat piles of credits, the Free Spins will not let you down. Simply get matching three free spin symbols anywhere on the screen, you win 15 free bonus spins for a great win. I will give Fruitful 7s 5 of 5 stars for the features. The ability that it is possible to win far beyond your wager is what makes bonus rounds fantastic.

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