Volcano Pokie Review

Volcano review by Steve Igmar January 27, 2019

While we create a pokie such as Volcano, we have to examine there are many aspects to record. We point out that there are 1 paylines in conjunction with 3 reels. This ancient civilization Treasure Hunt theme based online pokie displays its depth with blue seven, Red Seven, green seven, hat, elephant, jade amulet, pink stone figure, blue Diamonds, red diamonds, green Diamonds and bells, and then Volcano drives it home with strawberries, lemons, plums and oranges putting you right into it. Playing Volcano you are given the choice of playing for as little as just $0.20 on a pokie spin. Also, you can also bet on all 1 lines to up a bet to the largest of $1. Try to have more than one woman wilds to allow for a huge payout on Volcano. Hitting many coin symbols can deliver you a great payout. Its bad when at the start of your spin when your first two reels don't match up but there is still a good an opening of winning a lot with the scatter grouping. I can point to other online Pokies like Mr. Magnifico as it has the 3 reels like Volcano, some others including La Bruja Fortuna and Beach are enjoyable as well. As a lot of Grupo MGA online pokies like this one interact the same so play some other pokies as well.

Our Volcano Opinion

As with other 3 reel Pokies, the Volcano pokie is fun to play. The Grupo MGA designers went beyond the norm to make a game this fun experience. Using symbols like strawberries, lemons, plums and oranges will put you into the ancient civilization Treasure Hunt world. In closing we say that Volcano is an entertaining pokie with hardy pay outs and graphics.

The Volcano bonus round

The pokie feature part of Volcano is really cool. Here are some detail on the extras you can get. To win the Upper Game feature, triggered by getting player collecting enough points during main game. If you enjoy big juicy piles of winnings, the Raffle Prize Game would come across as it was designed for you. Simply get three figures in main game to launch. A Roulette Game is activated by getting three stones in upper game, this extra element appears to pay out a bit on the low side. I enjoy the Volcano Prize Game as well as the pay it delivers. This starts once you get three elephants in upper game. The Paths Game is triggered by getting three hats in upper game, this bonus game in my findings appears to pay out a bit on the small side. I am pretty sure you realize that like many bonuses, the Volcano bonuses allows an opportunity to get the tide changing bonus win. you can be distracted from the game play.

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