Blonde Legend Slot Review

Blonde Legend review by Steve Igmar October 8, 2019

While reviewing a slot like Blonde Legend, we must take into consideration many things. Mainly we point out that the slot has 25 pay-lines along with 5 reels. This music set slot displays its depth with film reels, diamonds, and perfume, and also Blonde Legend drives it home with Marlene Monroes and shoes putting you in the game. Having single spin coin values of $0.05 up to $250, you can be sure to get into your ideal level on Blonde Legend. A huge pay will have many wilds on Blonde Legend in the pay line. Scatter symbols utilized in Blonde Legend are not ordinary ones, these Fabulous SCATTER logos are not required to appear on the same payline to win. As with many other slots three or more scatter symbols will start a bonus round game. Slots such as Ultimate Grill Thrills, The X Factor and Clash of the Titans are based on the same slot setup.

My Blonde Legend Opinion

I truly loved reviewing Blonde Legend, the music produced slot offers a massive amount of production that really puts you inside the game showing the film reels, diamonds, and perfume art and graphics. All online slots offer a good possibility of cashing out big but collect your winnings before you lose them.

The Blonde Legend bonus round

We say the slot feature section of Blonde Legend is really cool. Here are explanations on the extras you can get. A Free Spins Bonus is triggered once you achieve 3 or more scatter symbols appearing, this exciting add on seems to pay out quite well. If you like big fat piles of money, the Bonus Round Feature will not let you down. Simply get 3 or more bonus symbols appearing for a great pay out. Like all casino bonus rounds, the Blonde Legend feature is where you can really get a giant bonus win. Slot features add a lot of enjoyment to modern slots, this is by far the best piece of Blonde Legend.

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