Wild Sumo Pokie Review

Wild Sumo review by Steve Igmar January 26, 2019

When creating a review for a pokie like Wild Sumo, we take into consideration there are many different items to convey. We take note that the pokie has 50 paylines along with 5 reels. Playing this well designed Japanese wrestling theme pokie delivers more than enough fun by utilizing graphics such as 8 different sumo wrestlers. Along with these there are also green and red kanji characters, hand and blue instruments that add the feeling of this great Japanese wrestling pokie. Allowing bets of $0.01 up to $250, you can be sure to find your best teir on Wild Sumo. A big win will use many wild icons on Wild Sumo in the final tally. Pokies such as Dragon Hunter, Sushicade and Ukiyo-e are based on the same pokie design.

Overall opinion on Wild Sumo

We truly loved reviewing Wild Sumo, the Japanese wrestling based pokie offers some good amount of work that really puts you inside the game showing the 8 different sumo wrestlers symbols and graphics. The machine kept me playing for a long time because it was so fun.

Fun bonus round review in Wild Sumo

The pokie feature piece of Wild Sumo is very good. In All Online Pokies online pokie reviews we like to end on the best item to focus on such as these awesome pokie bonuses. If you appreciate big piles of money, The Grand Tournament Free Spins would appear as it was produced for you. It's as easy as getting filling the banzuke meter by winning with wild symbols to launch. Like all bonus rounds, the Wild Sumo bonuses offers a chance to get your credits on track. you can be distracted from the actual game play.

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