The Oracle Online Pokie Review

The Oracle review by Steve Igmar December 15, 2018

Exploring this we found that the 9 line, 5 game reel online pokie The Oracle is a neat pokie to review. This oracle based pokie delivers a ton of play by utilizing icons such as letters and numbers. Additionally there are also candles and cards that add the feeling of this decent oracle pokie. The Oracle allows you the choice of wagering for a minumum of just $0.05 on a spin. Also, you also can bet on all 9 lines to place a bet as large as $45. A huge win will consist of multiple wild icons in the pay line. Scatter symbols found in The Oracle are very unique, these crystal balls do not need to appear on the same payline to win. When you know right off your paylines are not going to win there is always a chance of still hitting a scatter win. We can suggest other online Pokies like Rockstar Riches as it has the 5 reels like The Oracle, similar pokies including Mr Rich and The Hulk are fun as well. As a lot of NYX online games like this type act the same so play some other pokies as well.

Our The Oracle Opinion

We really enjoyed playing The Oracle, the oracle set pokie offers a great amount of work that really puts you into that state of mind having the letters and numbers symbols and graphics. Like other online games there is a great chance of winning a large amount but remember to collect while your ahead.

Exciting bonus round review for The Oracle

Playing The Oracle, you can really get ahead with cash, to do this get a bonus feature win. In All Online Pokies pokie reviews I like to leave you with the greatest items to look forward to like these awesome pokie bonus games. If you enjoy big fat pay outs, the bonus round would seem as it was thrown in there for you. It's as simple as getting 3 or more scatter symbols appear on reels 1-5 (left to right) and reels 5-1 (right to left) to launch. Like all casino bonus rounds, the Oracle feature is where you can really get your credits on track. Bonus rounds add a lot of enjoyment to video online Pokies, you will find that this is the most exciting feature of The Oracle.

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